e406 Youth

Encounter 406 is a dynamic group of junior high and high school students. We are committed to learning from God's Word, building friendships and reaching out to others.


You can often find us eating pancakes, pumping up the jamz, and hitting each other with pool noodles. Join us on Sunday evenings at 6pm in the lower level of the church.

THE BRIDGE (Young Adult)

Many times our problem lies in spanning the gap between where we are and the goal we intend to reach. Reaching that goal takes direction, planning and wisdom. And where does the wisdom come from that tells us which bridge to cross and which to burn?


In the Bible, the book of James tells us that God gives wisdom to anyone who asks. Our young adult group, The Bridge meets weekly to discuss these tough life questions... and to ask God for wisdom.

Join The Bridge... join us and become a peace builder a bridge builder. We do this through friendship, relationships and through authentic character. Check the events page for meeting times.