Starting at 9am we offer adult and children's bible studies to help promote spiritual and biblical growth. Service begins at 10am. Please join us for worship, communion, and a message.

We practice Communion every Sunday to remember that Jesus Christ is Gods Son. He lived. He died a brutal death. He came to life again.  Today, Jesus Christ sits at Gods right hand as the One who bridges the gap between our bad choices, and subsequent shame, guilt, darkness and imperfection and Gods forever perfection, joy and living light. If you claim Jesus Christ as The One who saves your life, every day, today and forever, join us is taking Communion.

We sing! We rejoice in who we are in Jesus Christ. That joy cannot be contained! So lift your voice. No music background needed. No notes needed. No harmony needed. Just bring your heart. Bring your joy. Bring the never perfect voice you have today. Its good enough. You're good enough. Celebrate freedom in song with us!

There's a point. There's a message